This is the demo of the Ride Now dynamic ridesharing system.

Ride Now is a computer- and telephone-based system that allows commuters to make one-time ride matches close to their departure time.

The Ride Now system was pilot tested three times — in three different settings – in 2004 to 2006. Here is a report on my experiences in developing and attempting to implement the Ride Now system: Pilot Tests of Dynamic Ridesharing (revised 4/26/08). A new site – all about dynamic ridesharing:

How Ride Now works

The Ride Now system looks for other BART riders from your neighborhood and matches you up.  If you take a ride, we guarantee you a ride home – by taxi, if we can't find you a driver.

  • Flexible. Just call in when you want to leave (in "real time").
  • Convenient. The service finds you the closest rider or driver. You don't spend time on the phone looking for a match.
  • Reliable. Guaranteed ride home – by taxi. We pick up the tab if you need a taxi ride.
  • Confidential. Others contact you only through our switchboard. Your privacy - name, telephone, and address - is guaranteed.

Ride Now demo

For a demo, click "Request match" or "Match results".  More infoQuestions?  Email us.

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