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Welcome to Casual Car Pool News.  This page lists casual car pool locations in the East Bay and San Francisco.  Disclaimer notice

"Casual car pools" are informal car pools that form when drivers and passengers meet – without specific prior arrangement – at designated locations. There are a number of East Bay morning meeting locations, which are listed below.  Drivers drop passengers off at Fremont and Mission Streets (or nearby) in downtown San Francisco.  There is also evening return service from San Francisco to some of the East Bay locations.  More info; etiquette

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Updated 11/07/2019. 

SF Location Moved

Due to construction near the Beale St. site, afternoon casual carpool pickups have been moved to Spear St., on the west side, near Folsom.  More info

Toll for carpools.  Carpools pay a toll – by Fastrak transponder – of $2.50.  There have been numerous discussions whether and how the toll should be shared; at this point the standard seems to vary from location to location. Certainly at the more distant locations it seems that almost all riders make a contribution. At other locations, such as North Berkeley, it appears that drivers typically do not expect riders to do so.  On the other hand, I've found that drivers do appreciate an offer, even if they don't always accept it!

Missing or non-working transponder?  If you have a FasTrak account, just drive through the carpool lane – your license plate will get read and your account charged without penalty! 

This Google map shows all casual carpool sites. Thanks to Amory Schlender for putting it together!

Drivers needed at Emeryville Marina. At Powell St. between Admiral and Commodore at 7:30 am -- passengers available! See this message.

Emeryville - Christie south of 63rd St. apparently working. The pick-up spot in front of the Pacific Park Plaza tower (map) is marked by a "Casual Carpool" sign. See this message. Also see additional info on the discussion board.

Evening car pools. As of October 2013, evening car pools leave San Francisco from Spear St. between Howard and Folsom. These car pools run every weekday afternoon/evening from San Francisco back to East Bay morning pickup locations. The pickup location on Spear St. between Howard and Folsom in San Francisco is active between 3:30 and 7 PM. Signs are posted on Spear St. for the different East Bay destinations – passengers and drivers meet at the appropriate spot. The most popular East Bay destinations are Richmond, Hercules, Vallejo, and Fairfield. Some destinations have only sparse activity in the evening – Oakland/Grand Lake, for example – and some destinations are not active at all in the evening – North Berkeley, for example.

The Sterling St. car pool-only on-ramp gets you onto the Bay Bridge faster than regular traffic. The northbound car pool lane starts after the Bridge a bit before the 80-580-880 interchange and continues to Route 4/Hercules.

Please do not stop in bus zones to pick up passengers. It is illegal. The fine is $250!

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Casual car pool locations

    Unless otherwise arranged (see North Berkeley, below) all car pools from the East Bay drop passengers at Fremont and Howard streets -- or nearby -- in downtown San Francisco.

  • Alameda -- Encinal and Park Ave.. On Park Ave., on the northwest corner of Encinal and Park Ave. Cars line up pointed towards Encinal. Map
  • Alameda -- Webster and Santa Clara.. On Santa Clara, on the northeast corner of Webster St. and Santa Clara Ave. (where the bus stop used to be). Map.
  • Albany -- Pierce St. south of Central Ave. Across the street from the Pacific Far East shopping mall. Map.
  • Berkeley -- North Berkeley BART. On Sacramento, east of the entrance to the BART station.  Rides to Civic Center as well as Downtown San Francisco: Drivers/riders going to Civic Center meet south of the newspaper racks.  Downtown-bound cars pull up to, but not past, the newspaper racks.  (Details here and here.)  Civic Center drop-off is usually around 9th and Market, but drivers often volunteer to take riders further (north of Market) if they're going that way.  Map
  • El Cerrito -- Del Norte BART. On Eastshore, just south of Orchard Supply Hardware. Do not park in the Orchard parking lot. You will be ticketed/towed. Map.
  • Emeryville - Christie south of 63rd -- in front of the Pacific Park Plaza tower/condos. Map. See the discussion board for more info.
  • Emeryville Marina -- Powell St. between Admiral and Commodore. Map. See these messages for info on activity.
  • Fairfield -- Fairfield Transportation Center. Corner of Cadenasso Dr. and Magellan (south of I-80 W. Texas St. exit). Map.
  • Hercules -- Transit Center. In the lot on Willow Avenue near the eastbound Interstate 80 off-ramp.  Note: parking is by pay permit only.  Daily permits are $3, which includes a round-trip to El Cerrito Del Norte.  Permits have to be bought in advance – in time for you to receive them via U.S. mail.  Permit info. Map.
  • Lafayette BART. North of the station, just outside and to the right of the parking lot. Map.
  • Moraga -- Moraga Way. North side of Moraga Way, east of School Street, by the bus stop shelter. Map.
  • Oakland -- Lakeshore & Grand. Under I-580 in parking lot, on the left as you enter. Map.
  • Oakland -- Grand & Perkins. On Perkins St., across the street from the Chevron station. Rider line is in front of dry cleaner's. Map.
  • Oakland -- Claremont & College. East of College on the north side of Claremont. Map.
  • Oakland -- Park & Hollywood. Adjacent to TransBay bus stops on Park between Trestle Glen and Hollywood. Map.
  • Oakland -- Park & Hampel. Near TransBay bus stop on Park and Hampel. Map.
  • Oakland -- Fruitvale & Montana. Just north of Park and Ride lot on Montana by Flagg. Map.
  • Oakland -- Hudson & Claremont. Under Hwy 24 on Hudson, just before Claremont. Map.
  • Oakland -- Oakland and Monte Vista. At the intersection of Oakland and Monte Vista. Map.
  • Oakland -- High St and MacArthur. On the west side of MacArthur north of High St. – in front of 4247 MacArthur. Map.
  • Orinda BART. In the alley on the north side of Theater Square. Map.
  • Piedmont -- Oakland and Hillside. On Oakland Ave, just east of Hillside. Map.
  • Richmond -- Richmond Parkway Park and Ride. Richmond Parkway just west of I-80. Map. Parking costs $3.00 per day. You may be towed if you park in the adjacent shopping center lot!
  • Vallejo -- Curtola and Lemon. In the lot, just west of 80 at Curtola Parkway and Lemon. Map
  • San Francisco. On Beale, between Howard and Folsom. Map.

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